Hog Roast Arklow

Hog Roast ArklowWhether you are planning a small party or a huge celebration, a hog roast is a great way to feed everyone. For many years the Hog Roast Arklow team has been providing this popular food for people in the area. When we cater for an event there is rarely much food leftover, so we know for sure that most people enjoy this style of party food.

A Huge Selection Of Party Food In Arklow

As well as hog roasts served in the traditional way we offer a range of other menus. The modern spit-roasting machines we use enable us to cook virtually any kind of meat you want. That includes spit-roasted beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and gammons. If you want something that is not on our menu all you need to do is to ask and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

Hog Roast ArklowYou also get to choose how the food that our professionally trained chefs cook for you is served. If you want we can serve the pulled hog roast meat in a roll with apple sauce and stuffing. However, we are just as happy to carve the meat and plate it up as part of a buffet or a formal sit-down meal.

Our menus feature everything you need to create a hot meal or a mostly cold buffet. We also offer potato dishes, steamed vegetables and a variety of gravies or sauces for those who want to serve a carvery or formal meal to their guests. There are also canapés, salads, desserts, side dishes and sauces, which can be combined to make up an impressive buffet.

Do The Cooking Yourself

The other alternative is to let Hog Roast Arklow prepare all of the side dishes for you, while you cook the hog. Using a spit-roaster to cook meat is easy. All you need to do is to turn it on at the right time and periodically check how cooking is progressing. You can hire the spit-roaster from.

We are here ready and waiting to provide you with the best party food in the area. All you need to do now is to use the form on this website to get a quote.