Hog Roast Machines

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At Hog Roast Catering Ireland, we have a range of brilliant hog roast machines that we use when we attend events – and each of these models is available for both sale and hire. Perhaps you are planning on holding a party but need flexibility depending on the weather? Hire our hog roasters for the week and you can set-up and use our kit whenever you need it. Or perhaps you are an events planner or venue that would like to provide hog roasts on a regular basis? Buy one of our new or second-hand machines or extension kits and make the most of our well-designed hog roasting tech, produced by hog roast experts.

The Hog Roast Kit

extra2If you’re looking to feed masses of guest than our traditional hog roast kit will be ideal for you, it can feed hundreds of mouths being able to hold a 70kg hog and 80kg worth of pork joints! If you’d prefer roast chicken or some vegetation dishes you can use this sophisticated set to cook them to perfection too. The hog roast comes with two full length thermostatically controlled burners which allows for even cooking temperatures no matter where you are. Once you’ve cooked your meat in the lower cooking area, which you can keep an eye on via the viewing panel, lift your hog or other meat into the upper cooking area where you can carve the meat as your guests watch, ready to tuck in.

The Spit Roast Kit

extra3How about the visual spectacle of a spinning whole hog roasting? The Spit Roast kit provides the tools to enjoy this wonderful traditional way of cooking, it can hold a huge whole hog on a spit pole using a 240v motor. The viewing panel can be used again to keep an eye on the meat as it cooks then use the support bars to bring the meat into the open air and get ready for the fragrant aromas that will fill your venue! Delicious. Now it’s time to carve and it couldn’t be easier with the provided carving tray. Our machines have been designed by spit and hog roasting experts, designed to be easy to use even by a novice chef – which means you don’t need a professional on hand for the results you want, although when you do have catering staff on hand it will make the whole process a little more relaxing for you.

The Chicken Spit Roast Kit

extra1Would you prefer to produce succulent roast chicken with one of our hog roast machines? Consider our chicken spit kit which can cook up to 36 whole chickens on an impressive 5 arm rotisserie accessory. This kit adds a touch of drama to your event catering as it really does look fantastic as it slowly rotates and gives your whole chickens a crisp and golden finish. When cooked, use the support bars to lift up the whole rotisserie and detach one arm at a time to complete carving.

The BBQ Kit

extra4Enjoy the tastes of summer all year round with our fantastic BBQ kit extension. With this addition you can turn our hog roast machines into a fully-fledge barbie and enjoy the distinct flavours of BBQ sausages, steaks, kebabs, chicken wings, vegetables. Use the upper cooking area with this BBQ grill add-on and the lower cooking area to keep your side dishes warm. This kit is the ultimate addition to make the most out of our hog roasting machines versatility.

Looking to buy a hog roast machine? check out our sister site: Hog Roast Machines